Croc Quotes

Brad Beven

I was a little on the puny side as a kid and Dad suggested I run with bricks to help build myself up.

--Brad Beven

We raced a World Cup in Russia, and racing there is a little bit different. They put us up in a hotel which was like something out of Batman, some Gothic huge thing [...]. For food they'd bring out a plate with a great, big cow's tongue on it, and nothing else, no veges or anything, just a great, big cow's tongue. Obviously we didn't eat that. We asked what the soup was and they said it was fat soup. It was just great big lumps of lard that obviously they eat in Winter, or give foreigners, one of the two.

--Brad Beven

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In 1990 just before Worlds, Welshy got stuck in Canada because of Visa problems, they wouldn't let him out of the country, which is fair enough, who would? Usually they don't let you in when you're Welshy.

--Brad Beven

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