by Brad Beven

Squad and Online Training Members

The sessions are great and cater for all abilities. There is also a strong social aspect and I am sure I have met life long friends through BBT.

––Jodie S

Brad has helped me achieve outstanding results. I am an ordinary guy who placed 4th at the world championships. I am proof that anyone can achieve with the right encouragement.

–– James B

I was over 60 years old when I took up triathlon. I have no athletic background and limited ability. I will never be a champion but Brad puts as much time and effort into coaching me as he does with the young “hot shots” in the squad.

––Peter M

Since joining BBT last year I have achieved goals I have been chasing for years. I’ve also met a great bunch of people and really look forward to each session.

––Dave L

A few years ago, I was 99kg. Now, I’m a very healthy 74kg. I’m a big fan of BBT!

––Adam Y

The BBT on line program is a great way to train for those who try to fit as much into their lives as they can. I have a family, full time job, but like to train like it was my job. The on line program provides me with detailed training instructions, online feedback to Brad as my coach which enables us to discuss how I’m progressing against the program. I’ve been training with Brad for over 2 years and can see the benefits I’m getting from the sessions and now the on line programs. I would highly recommend the BBT Training and On Line Program to age group athletes, who hold full time jobs, have a family and want to become better triathletes.

––Chris W

I am in my last week of a set of programs Brad put together for me for the Melbourne Marathon on the online system. I can hardly ever get to training in person so the on-line program has been perfect. It’s on-line, so you can access it wherever you are (obviously…). Bu,t I am also a bit old-fashioned – so being able to print in PDF one week at a time has been great as I always have hard copies on hand too. The online system has a feature where you can put in your data after each session – how many kms, HR, how you are feeling etc. I haven’t used this religiously but a couple of times have sent Brad an update of my stats for a week or two at a time and he has used this to see progress etc. The best thing this shows is flexibility – Brad lets you use the online tool however it suits you. The best part for me is that Brad is only an email away and has always been keen to hear how I am going even at my completely random times.

––Melanie C

Train hard, race smart,
Brad Beven OAM